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About us

History of the 132nd Virtual Wing

In July 2013 a group of members from the 138th Virtual Wing decided to leave the 138th and start our own organization. We decided to leave due to internal discussion on how to organize a virtual wing, and decided that it was best to start from scratch creating something of our own. When deciding how to form our organization we decided to aim for an realistic approach, and thus our wing and squadrons are based on real wing/squadrons.

The 132nd was officially announced in late September 2014, having spent the better part of year creating SOP's, missions, this webpage with its ATO-functions, and indeed training and recruiting largely by word of mouth.

132nd Virtual Wing

The 132nd Virtual Wing is based on the norwegian airwing 132 Luftving, which is host for two of the Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 squadrons. We choose the 132nd since we are a norwegian based organization. Our logo is based on the 132 Luftving logo in a tribute to the 132 Luftving, but our motto- Make You A Sword of Me, is our own. It a line from Coriolanus by Shakespeare, and reflects how we fly: you'll always have a wingman in the 132nd, and be better for it.

617th Virtual Fighter Squadron - Dambusters

The 617th Virtual fighter Squadron is our fixed wing ground attack squadron. The 617th Vfs is based on the RAF No. 617 Squadron. 617 Squadron, RAF, “The Dambusters” was a single squadron formed during the Second World War to carry out a single special and dangerous task. That operation “Chastise” has since become a legend in the annals of military history and it possess all the traditionally admired military attributes of originality, surprise and heroism coupled with a very dramatic outcome.

Our 617th Virtual Fighter Squadron currently flies the A-10C Warthog.

696th Virtual Squadron - Turnskins

696th vSquadron is the rotary wing squadron of 132 Virtual Wing. The 696th operates primarily the Ka-50 Black Shark.

The squadron designation, name and logo stem from the early days of the Ka-50's employment in the Russian aviation forces. Several prototype versions of the Ka-50, then nicknamed "The Werewolf" (Russian: Оборотень), were operated out of 696th Squadron of the 344th Army Aviation Centre in Torzhok during the 80s and 90s. The squadron logo is taken from a tailfin decor from one of these prototypes.

The 696th squadron motto — The strength of the pack — is based on a quote from Rudyard Kipling. It reflects the intended doctrine for the Ka-50 where one envisioned them hunting in packs like wolves.

176th Virtual Air Control Squadron - Eyes of the North

The 176th squadron is our dedicated air control squadron. The "Eyes of the North" provide valuable command- and control functions to all squadrons both in the air and on the ground, as Air Traffic Control and AWACS.

23rd Special Tactics vSquadron - The Arctic Foxes

The 23rd squadron is our dedicated Joint Terminal Attack Controller squadron. The "Artic Foxes" are in charge of calling in Close Air Support under fire to ensure the objectives of the Ground Force Commander. Our JTAC's handle a variety of airframes in order to engage correct targets on an ever envolving battle field and operate based upon real world procedures.

259th Virtual Auxiliary Squadron - The Polar Bears

What is a virtual wing without virtual logistics? You can only get so far on one tank of fuel. In order to rearm, repair and refuel the 132nd virtual wing members, a proposal was made in the beginning of 2016 to integrate the Mi-8 airframe within the wing. The proposal got agreed upon and the 259th Virtual Auxiliary Squadron, the "Polar Bears" was created. Providing logistics in the form of troop transport, slingloading, MEDEVAC (MEDical EVACuation), CASEVAC (CASualty EVACuation) and CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue), the 259th excels in providing rapid response to emergencies or requests for troop insertion and extraction. Whether rearming a FARP or picking up a downed pilot, regardless of weather or under enemy fire, the polar bears will fly out and get the job done.

494th Virtual Fighter Squadron- Panthers

The 494th is the 132nd's F/A-18C Hornet multirole squadron. The 494th conducts a variety of both A-G and A-A missions. The squadron was activated in May 2018.

108th Virtual Fighter Squadron - Spectres

Flying the legendary F14-B Tomcat, the Spectres are the Wing’s first genuine multi-crew squadron. The dream became reality when Heatblur released this iconic aircraft, and the 108th Spectres were formed in July 2019. The Squadron consists of two sub-squadrons: the 108th Pilots and the 108th RIOs – both with individual training programs. Trainees choose either role and, after successfully Mission Qualification in one of the two arcs, a 108th pilot can then pursue training as RIO - or vice versa - if they so wish. The Spectres are a multirole squadron, with a focus on (but not restricted to) carrier operations, flying Air-to Air, as well as Air-to-Ground missions, for the 132nd Virtual Wing.

132nd Virtual Wing